About Gurus2go Nationwide On-Site IT Services

Gurus2go is one of the nation’s leading providers of on-demand IT Support and IT Staffing Services. The company was founded in 2001 in Dallas, Texas.

Join the Revolution

Gurus2go was founded in 2001 by JD Bryant in Dallas, Texas. Gurus2go underwent several transformations before being acquired by OTechnology Group, LLC in March 2018. Under new management, the company has implemented a fresh approach, expanding its team, attracting numerous new clients, and rebranding its image with updated branding, logo, website, voice messages, prompts, and technician payment structure. These changes were made with one essential objective in mind: to enhance the customer experience and deliver high-quality services to both existing and prospective clients.

Nationwide tech support

Serious IT experience

Gurus2go offers a team of experienced and certified Gurus with an average of ten years of IT service and support experience. Equipped with at least two industry certifications of specialization, our Gurus are highly skilled and knowledgeable. To further enhance their expertise, we provide them with cutting-edge online training tools. The Gurus at Gurus2go are rated on a Tier system, ranging from Tier 1 to Tier 3, based on their task alignment and abilities. They excel in a wide range of services, including simple hardware device replacement, spyware or virus removal, rack and stack setups, as well as complex local/wide area network design and installation.

On-site Tech Support
Technology & Customer Service
Nationwide on-site tech support

A Commitment to Technology & Customer Service

Gurus2go has established a nationwide network of over 7,000 certified Gurus, ready to be dispatched to any zip code in the United States through our cutting-edge web-based management system. Our strong investment in technology enables our customers to easily request services and effortlessly track the entire process, while providing invaluable feedback. As a result, we have achieved one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry.

Nationwide on-site tech support

Service Overview

At Gurus2go, we excel at providing top-notch service to a wide range of clients, from remote office users to large corporations with multiple nationwide locations. With our commitment to prompt assistance, most requests are addressed on the same day. Our transparent pricing model ensures that both corporate and consumer customers can easily and swiftly submit service requests, eliminating the need for time-consuming bidding processes or having to rely on inexperienced technicians from local retail outlets.

On-site Tech Support