Enterprise On-site Tech Support
  • On-site Tech Support

    Flexible service models to meet your unique requirements

We can customize our flexible service plan for your specific needs without compromising your schedule or budget. We use a precise methodology to develop the right programs for our clients. Our services delivery team will coordinate a planning session to present our solutions and review your requirements. We will then develop a comprehensive program and service level agreement (SLA) to fit your needs.

ON DEMANDNext day SLA with fee per transaction Utilize our on-demand model to minimize your monthly fixed costs. Some companies begin their Gurus2go program in the on-demand model and move to a maintenance contract as the installation base or company grows.
BLENDEDCustomized programs for service reliability In the blended model, we provide some services on demand and others via a maintenance agreement. Gurus2go will work with you to establish a blend of services that best fits your budget, scope of work, and end-user service requirements.
MAINTENANCE CONTRACTHighest SLA with a monthly fee per device Contracted SLAs guarantee resolution within a specific timeframe. We offer an industry-leading user-friendly online portal that you can use to submit and track requests, or you can just call us and we’ll handle the process directly.

  • On-site Tech Support

    Compare us to your OEMs

For managed services and maintenance programs requiring specific service level agreements, simply provide us with a detailed equipment list. We can rapidly respond with a plan to include a cost analysis of our program versus an OEM maintenance solution.

Bringing technology expertise & resources to your organization

Gurus2go delivers a single point of accountability for all aspects of your project. That means we’re not relying on an online marketplace that forces you to deal with technician questions and operational issues that hamper your productivity and increase your costs. Whether we’re the only vendor involved or whether we’re managing a larger team, our mission is to ensure that the project is completed on time, on budget and to your requirements with personalized end-to-end service.

To launch your initiative, we’ll begin by assigning an experienced client manager who will serve as your single point of contact for all facets of your project. We will then spend 30-60 days collecting and documenting your processes in great detail so that when we assign a job, our field engineers will know exactly what needs to happen to meet your requirements.

Your Gurus2go client manager will serve as a liaison between you and your facilities and end users across the country. We use an industry-leading real-time web service portal that offers a simple, user-friendly interface. You and/or your end users can use it to submit service requests and track jobs in real time, or you can opt to call Gurus and we’ll handle the process from start to finish and notify you when the request is fulfilled.

Gurus2go offers a state-of-the-art, web-based automated dispatch, management, billing, and CRM system. This user-friendly system allows our end-users to quickly create service requests and track progress through final disposition.

Our system offers a myriad of reports, and we can also develop custom reports to ensure that you have the information you need, when you need it. The system also supports

  • Call center integration capable via XML or API
  • Affiliate management
  • Private label branding
  • On-site Tech Support


To begin a discussion about your needs and the benefits of Gurus2go, we invite you to contact us today.


Gurus2go has more than 7,000 rigorously evaluated, certified, trained, fully insured technology experts throughout North America.

Gurus2go offers a comprehensive solution to assist your enterprise with nationwide technology support. Our end-to-end approach ensures seamless assistance for your valued clients, dedicated employees, vital hardware, essential software, and critical systems.


To begin a discussion, please call our National Support Group at

(469) 804-3800


At Gurus2go, we excel in providing an unmatched range of technical expertise and capabilities. With our diverse pool of skilled professionals and on-demand certifications, we ensure you have access to the exact skills needed for your specific requirements. Our quick ramp-up process guarantees swift implementation of your projects, while our rapid response time to service requests ensures that your technical issues are addressed promptly. With our single-source delivery model, you can trust that all your IT needs are met efficiently and seamlessly. Choose us for comprehensive on-site tech support and staffing solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.