Stress-free printer services

Nothing can halt productivity in an office more than a printer that just doesn’t work right. Operations can’t get agreements printed out for a customer’s signature and reports can’t be printed for the management team.

The best way to keep a printer in working order for the longest period of time is to properly replace the maintenance kit on a regular basis.

We offer two service plans to keep your business printers running smoothly.

Printer Maintenance Plan

Under this service plan, Gurus2go will clean and maintain your printer(s) on a regular basis.  Our technicians are fully trained in printer maintenance and will schedule the appointments at your convenience.

In addition to the maintenance kit replacement, we also perform the following tasks:

  1. Checklist: Our technicians work through a checklist to ensure that your printer is in good working order. Should there be problems, we’ll bring them to your attention so that you can address them prior to having the printer break down on you.
  2. Cleaning: We will also clean the printer for you. This ensures that you get continue to get the highest quality copies without smudges or smears.

Learn more about our printer maintenance plan.

One-Time Replacement

This unique service plan delivers peace of mind about the efficiency within your office. When a printer breaks down and the barriers to repairing are too high, simply use this service and get a replacement completely free! And when we say replacement – we mean a replacement of a new or like-new printer that you get to switch out for the broken printer on a permanent basis.

This plan is in place for a maximum of two years or until the service is used. For these two years, you know that you can pick up the phone and start the replacement process should you experience severe printer troubles. In addition, you will always have access to our excellent customer service representatives and solution technicians who will attempt to help you solve the problem remotely.

The replacement process is designed to maximize your convenience.

  1. Wait for arrival: Once we start the replacement process, we will package and ship the new or like-new printer to you using premium airfreight carrier selections. We will pay for shipping charges so you will not get an unexpected bill.
  2. Send using prepaid shipping: After you unload the replacement printer, simply pack up the old one in the same box we sent to you, and using the prepaid shipping labels we will send, ship the old one back to us.

Learn more about the one-time replacement plan.


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