Return Service

A Cost Effective Solution    

Almost all companies these days have a continuity plan so that everyone knows what to do during an emergency. However, it’s time to take it a few steps further and define the process a company should take when a non-mission critical device breaks down or quits working altogether. The goal for problems of this nature should be to minimize operational costs and expedite solutions.

Our Return Service plan allows you to cover your needs. Our cost remains lower because we will remove the item and repair at our own service center and therefore, we can pass those cost efficiencies on to you. This allows us easy access to replacement parts and inventory.

In addition, we will provide our famous remote diagnosis and repair service to ensure that there isn’t a simpler fix for your hardware or device issue. Our solutions engineer will review the symptoms and diagnose possible causes during the initial triage call. Once it is determined that the device is broken and can’t or shouldn’t be repaired, then we will begin the process of repairing or replacing the damaged component.

Return Options

No matter the option you choose, we will handle return shipment. Our return shipment uses first-class ground transportation, but if you need return faster, we offer expedited shipping for only the additional cost charged to us.

  1. Delivery: You have the option of dropping off the devices or shipping them to us. With this selection, you can use local options that are more cost effective or convenient to you.
  2. Pickup: We will handle initial shipment. We will authorize a courier to pick up the device and ship it to service center. For same day pick-up, we require you to contact us before noon. 


For devices where there is a failover, this gives one of the most cost effective methods to handle repair or replacement. Yet, you still receive the highest-quality service available from our specially trained technicians. 

You will never be charged additional costs for labor, replacements parts or shipping (unless you choose the expedited shipping option), so your budget line item will always remain as targeted. 

The shipping options will ensure delivery straight to your door. You won’t have to worry about picking up from a warehouse or distribution center. We know that convenience is important to you.


Q: Is this available anytime?

A: This plan is available from Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. Of course – we exclude holidays.

Q: What’s included in this plan?

A: Diagnosis of the issue, remote repair if possible, return shipment, repair or replacement of the component or unit and labor.

Q: Who does the repairs at your service center?

A: We never accept less than the best no matter the plan you choose. You will receive service from highly certified and fully trained technicians who desire to provide you with excellent service.

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