Proactive 24×7 Response

Minimize Your Risk   

This service was created to be a step above any 24 hour reactive service. Although we do provide reactive services, such as issue resolution and emergency diagnosis, we also intend this service to be proactive. Proactive services are designed to help minimize risk and maximize return, and are designed to anticipate contingencies and to plan future strategy.

With this plan, you will be given an assigned account manager. Your account manager will help you with inventory management, growth plans and strategies for making your environment more stable and efficient.

Our promise

  • For software issues, we will respond within 2 hours.
  • For hardware issues, we will respond onsite within 4 hours.

Other services we provide with this plan include:

  1. SLA: We will provide a specially-trained monitoring team to track and monitor your services level goals.
  2. Release Management: We will keep up to date on operating system patches as well as micro-code recommendations and will manage these releases within your environment.
  3. Availability: We use top of the line monitoring tools to evaluate current availability in relation to projected availability. We help you to meet or exceed your goals. 


  1. We know your business doesn’t shut for the day and therefore we won’t either. We understand that the costs of a device that is not working properly can really add up and affect your bottom line. Your benefit is time and the mitigation of risk. 
  2. Remote monitoring. We will always monitor and attempt repair remotely using highly sophisticated, encrypted, single use remote tools. In many cases, we can run diagnostics within minutes. In addition, we can interpret the diagnostic results and make changes or finalize a correction right then and there. 
  3. Because we guarantee the 4 hour response time frame, we have fully trained certified solutions engineers on staff and on call in order to diagnose the issue as soon as possible.


Q: We have multiple locations with different hardware – can you handle them all?

A: Yes – absolutely! We are fully trained on multiple devices and will ensure that you receive the same high-quality service no matter which location.

Q: What about repair? Can you guarantee repair time?

A: Until we know what the diagnosis is, we won’t know how to appropriately resolve your issue. We certainly understand the issue and will work professionally and quickly to provide resolution service. However, if you need guaranteed repair service, you might wish to review our Critical Service Plan.

Q: How up to date do you stay with your solution database?

A: We try to stay as up to date as possible. If there is a new solution found today, we want it in our database by tonight! Sometimes, this type of fast turnaround is not feasible, but we continually search for the latest information on the software issues and resolution information in order to be of better service to you.

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