Mission Critical 24 x 7 Service

Top Level, Expert Service    

Critical service plans are designed to address both hardware devices and software with the highest level of response available. This service is designed to allow us to forge a strategic partnership for your benefit. It far surpasses any standard response service, because it also provides you with a dedicated support team, as well as strategic alignment planning services for the purpose of proactive action.

In this type of plan, the initial strategy session is designed to document exactly where you stand today as well as where we think you should be. Then, together, as a team, we work to bridge any gaps that exist. This strategy session will also review the overall business mission to ensure that IT strategies are directly in line and supportive of these missions. Strategy sessions are then conducted four times a year in order to discuss status of the project goals as well as updates for capacity planning, security and change management.

Although strategy is extremely important, within this plan we also offer tactical issue resolution. We are available to you 24×7 in order to handle incidences and escalations.

Our promise to you is this: Within 6 hours of notification, we will resolve your hardware device problems.

Other services we provide with this plan

  1. SLA: We will provide a specially-trained monitoring team to track and monitor your services level goals.
  2. Release Management: We will keep up to date on operating system patches as well as micro-code recommendations and will manage these releases within your environment.
  3. Availability: We use top of the line monitoring tools to evaluate current availability in relation to projected availability. We help you to meet or exceed your goals.  

Benefits to You 

  1. Remote monitoring. We will always monitor and attempt repair remotely using highly sophisticated, encrypted, single use remote tools. In many cases, we can run diagnostics within minutes. In addition, we can interpret the diagnostic results and make changes or finalize a correction right then and there.  
  2. Because we guarantee the 6 hour timeframe, we have solution engineers on staff and on call and for further redundancy of available resource we also have certified technology specialists we contract with for overflow.  
  3. We keep the most up to date software documentation available and have a tremendously large knowledge base in order to benefit your company and a smooth installation. 

Q&A Section   

Q: What happens if there is an issue?

A: Simply call our dedicated support staff. Our solutions engineers will first triage your call. Then, our solution engineer will review the symptoms, diagnose possible causes and recommend the most expedient course of action to restore the system to full operating condition. We will attempt to remotely fix the issue, but if a remote repair is not possible, we will send onsite technicians to your location. Your dedicated support staff will be involved throughout the entire process.

Q: What types of hardware is covered?

A: We cover all types of hardware devices – including servers, printers, computers, modems and more. At our initial inventory session, we will review the devices you have onsite and itemize the components of each device. In the unlikely event that a device is not covered, we will explain the reason why and make recommendations to you.

Q: Can you really handle each issue?

A: Yes, absolutely. We not only have fully trained certified solutions engineers on staff, but we also contract with specialty solutions engineer and require them to be on call. Should something unique occur or should we need additional personnel, we simply pick up the phone and engage our on-call network to join in the fun!

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