Enhanced 24 x 7 Support

Enhanced Support = Peace of Mind   

Many business people struggle when an IT issue occurs. Some get upset, some start figuring out who to blame, and others just hope it fixes itself. With our enhanced support service, you don’t have to worry what the plan is, because we become your solution!

This plan is designed to provide both software and hardware support for you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and every day of the year. We promise that within two business hours of a call initiating service, our solutions engineers will review the symptoms of the issue with you and prove remote diagnoses support. Should you require onsite work, we promise a four business hour response time.

  • Routing: When our dispatch team receives your call, we will immediately route your information to a solutions engineer who has been trained to triage your issues. The dispatch team does this by collecting information related to your device and the symptoms you are experiencing. Then, our solution engineer will review the symptoms, diagnose possible causes and recommend the next steps towards resolution, which would include a response within four hours.
  • Remote Diagnosis/Repair: For software issues, within two hours, we will attempt to fix the issue remotely using highly sophisticated, encrypted, single use remote tools. In many cases, we can remotely connect into the system and run diagnostics within minutes. In addition, we can interpret the diagnostic results and make changes or finalize a correction right then and there.
  • OnSite Diagnosis/Repair: For hardware issues, within four hours, we will send a skilled engineer out to your location to for onsite diagnosis and repair services. 

Benefits to You 

  • Your IT Staff can access some of our documentation. Because some of this documentation is important for easy access, we will set up a secure remote connection for your IT staff to use. This makes sure they have access to the latest technical documents. 
  • Because we cover more than just one device or one piece of equipment at a time, we can ensure that your computer support and maintenance is stable and standardized. We do this no matter what your technology of choice is. 
  • Because we guarantee the 4 hour response time frame, we have fully trained certified solutions engineers on staff and on call in order to diagnose the issue as soon as possible.


Q: Is this only during business hours?

A: Absolutely not! Computers are sometimes required to run 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. Therefore, we do too! We provide dedicated 24×7 customer service and triage support and we have our knowledge experts on call for emergencies.

Q: I like this option, but I don’t want to be the lowest priority. What is your guarantee?

A: You are never a lower priority no matter which option you choose. This plan allows us to schedule our certified technicians in advance, which helps us to reduce our own cost. We pass that cost savings along to you. However, in the event we do have an overflow of requests, we can guarantee you will never be bumped for someone else. We have built redundancy into our workforce in the form of contracted certified technicians who will step in as we need them.

Q: How up to date do you stay with your solution database?

A: We try to stay as up to date as possible. If there is a new solution found today, we want it in our database by tonight! Sometimes, this type of fast turnaround is not feasible, but we continually search for the latest information on the software issues and resolution information in order to be of better service to you.

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