Tablets, Smartphones & Peripherals

We’ll keep your team connected

Gurus2go provides installation, configuration, support and repair for all of the devices you depend on in your business. Our Gurus will help you and your employees become experts and leverage all the features of their Tablets, Smartphones, and other peripheral devices.

PDA and peripheral support

Tablet support & repair

Our Tablet support & repair can set up, troubleshoot and support your Tablet software and hardware to keep you organized and efficient. For example, we’ll make sure that you can

  • Synchronize your Tablets to your PC and MAC for up-to-date data transfer, securing your information quickly and efficently
  • Synchronize your tablet to fit your lifestyle, either if it’s for work or for home. Our Guru will be there every step of the way.
  • Leverage the mobile learning capabilities of your Tablet

Smartphone support

Our Gurus provide Smartphone installation and support services so that you can

  • Synchronize your smartphone with your tablet and computer. Have you calendar at the tip of your fingers. Control Everything in your life with one deceive.
  • Learn how to use your smartphone to its maximum capacity.

Peripheral device installations and upgrades

Gurus2go can support any and all PC components such as graphic cards, memory, hard drives, optical drivers, printers, scanners, gaming devices, cameras, monitors, keyboards, TV tuners, external storage, and much more! Contact us now – we provide

  • Installation of peripheral devices and software connected through external interfaces such as USB and FireWire
  • Configuration and orientation to help you operate your new device.

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