VoIP Installation & Configuration

VoIP consulting, architecture, installation & maintenance

Whether it’s a new installation or a complex PBX to Voice Over IP (VoIP) conversion, we offer the experience and network of Gurus to support any size project … from initial consultation and system architecture to ongoing maintenance.

Gurus2go’s highly-trained, certified engineers can help you leverage all of the benefits that VoIP throughout your organization.  We can help you:

  • Save on monthly telcomm costs by transitioning your existing system to VoIP
  • Take advantage of unified communications available through VoIP technology
  • Run both voice and data communication over a single network and save on infrastructure costs
  • Bundle cell phone units with your VoIP system to reduce your telecommunications equipment costs.
  • Create a system with simple conferencing, IVR, call forwarding, redial, and caller ID, at no additional cost
  • Set up secure voice over secure IP (SVoSIP) to protect confidential or classified VoIP communications

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